Hybrid PVD Machine Gives You Multiple Coating Options

VaporTech® VT-Series™ PVD coating machines have been designed based on input from manufacturers like you. The VT-1500i™ system is our midsize cathodic arc machine with optional sputtering targets. Our systems can coat with PVD and DLC in the same chamber.


A new hybrid PVD coating machine gives you more coating options

To meet your needs for flexibility and a broader range of PVD color and functional/tribological coatings, the VT-1500i coating system can be configured with up to 3 deposition sources and 3 PVD deposition technologies. Here are 3 reasons you should consider this new PVD coating machine:

1.   It’s a hybrid!

No, it won’t save you fuel, but the new VT-1500i system can be configured with up to three different technologies (low-temperature cathodic arc, magnetron sputtering, and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition for DLC) and up to three separate coating sources. This hybrid PVD coating machine increases your ability to deposit a broader range of functional and decorative thin-film coatings.

2.  You get more options

The VT-1500i system offers a broader range of decorative and specialty coatings, made possible by its hybrid setup. This includes multi-metal and multi-layer coatings to improve durability and wear.  Your products will function and look better than those of your competitors.

3.   High capacity, small footprint, faster return on investment

With its mid-sized coating chamber, the VT-1500i hybrid PVD coating system has almost 70% the throughput of our largest industrial coater, the VT-3000i system, but with a footprint only slightly larger than our smaller VT-1000i. The design accommodates 10 parts racks (compared with 6 in the smaller VT-1000i) and can be configured in a lower-cost cathodic arc-only configuration or with one or two magnetron sputter sources. This machine is a great choice for medium-sized operations or those requiring a broader range of coating technologies.

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