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    Assortment of engineered metal and plastic parts coated with PVD

    Applying PVD Coating on Plastic Parts

    2 min read

    People often associate PVD coatings with finishes applied to metal substrates, such as drill bits, molding dies, consumer products (faucets and door hardware), etc. However, PVD coatings have long been used to coat plastics. This approach p...

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    Color PVD Coatings: The Future Is Bright
    2 min read
    How are PVD color coatings made, and what colors can you get? Read on. To create color PVD finishes, you deposit films with specific stoichi...
    pvd and cvd coating processes represented by metallic molecules on gold background
    What's the Difference Between PVD and CVD Coating Processes?
    2 min read
    Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) are two “families” of processes commonly used to produce thin films on a...
    Metallic color swirl.
    Dark Black, Purple, and Rainbow PVD Coatings
    2 min read
    Popular colors (including rainbow PVD coating) The continuing evolution of PVD coating colors helps you make your products stand out in the ...
    words Pvd $20 per part or per batch over a $20 bill
    PVD Coating Costs: $20 Per Batch or $20 Per Part? [video]
    1 min read
    Does PVD coating add substantial costs to my product? A common misconception about a physical vapor deposition (PVD) finish is that PVD coat...
    How a PVD Coater – and the PVD Process – Work: VT-1500i™ System VIDEO
    1 min read
    Welcome to a video overview of the VT-1500i™ PVD coating system, one of our most popular physical vapor deposition machines. This system can...
    moving square with message: enhance your electroplated parts with PVD coatings.
    The Benefits of PVD Coating on Electroplated Parts
    3 min read
    While electroplating and PVD finishing could be considered competing technologies, they often work together to provide additional value for ...