1 System, 2x Options for PVD Coating & Specialty Finishes

Manufacturing is complicated. Adding a PVD coating system shouldn’t be.


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“I’m afraid of investing in the wrong size system.”

Do you need or foresee a need for a large PVD system that provides a wide range of functional and durable/decorative coatings? For operations like yours, we offer the VT-1500i™ hybrid PVD system: designed, priced, and sized for your needs.

With 70% of the capacity of the VT-3000i system, you get the same quality, more flexibility,  and a smaller investment.

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“Can I create distinctive specialty coatings?”

The VT-1500i coating machine is an expandable system for flexibility, function, and product differentiation. You can invest in the cathodic arc-only model or add two optional “sources” (the metals you use for a surface finish). These two add-ons allow you to coat with two PVD technologies (cathodic arc and magnetron sputtering) simultaneously for a wide range of specialty applications. You can use up to three different metals at once. When you don’t need this feature, the VT-1500i system works like all our VT-Series™ machines and produces the same quality PVD and DLC coatings. It can also be configured to sputter-only applications as needed.

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