Dark Black, Purple, and Rainbow PVD Coatings

Popular colors (including rainbow PVD coating) 

The continuing evolution of PVD coating colors helps you make your products stand out in the market. These coatings look great, and because they are PVD coatings, you also get improved durability and hardness. PVD coating colors range from traditional dark black, grays, and bronzes to vivid colors, including blue, violet, and gold.  All these colors improve both the appearance of parts and their durability. 

As we usher in 2024, VaporTech® now offers an expanded color palette to meet your changing needs. Manufacturers and consumers want new options for:

  • Consumer applications like automotive trim, architectural hardware, and sporting goods in colors consumers love.
  • For manufacturers using PVD coatings for their functional performance, color-coating your industrial products differentiates them from your competition and strengthens your brand.


When you work with Vapor Technologies (VaporTech®), our team takes the parameters you need for your application. It provides the coatings and equipment to bring this capability in-house for a surprisingly low cost per part.

Here are three PVD coating colors trending for 2024:

One of the key trends for 2024 is the emergence of bold and vibrant colors. Dark black, purple, and rainbow PVD coatings will make their mark in 2024. These coatings are available as standard recipes available in our vacuum coating systems.

PVD rainbow on a toolVT Rainbow PVD

Consumers love the iridescent colors on our rainbow PVD coatings. You can use them to distinctively brand parts and products, too.


black pvd coated faucetDark Black PVD

Need a dark, beautiful black? This VaporTech coating is seeing new uses with consumers' desire for black finishes.


phones with violet accentVT Purple PVD

Violet is a unique and different PVD coating used on consumer products. Our VT Purple coating gives you a bold, vibrant violet rarely seen in past years.


metallic stripeVaporTech PVD color coating options

Check out our complete line of beautiful, durable PVD color coatings here. You can view a recording of our popular color coatings webinar here.

Ask us today for more information about dark black, purple, and rainbow PVD coatings.

VaporTech vacuum deposition systems

Vapor Technologies (VaporTech) builds, installs, and maintains right-sized, right-priced vacuum deposition systems. We build our coating equipment in Longmont, Colorado, USA.

VaporTech PVD & DLC coating equipment and machines maximize product value and ROI. We offer a range of vacuum coating machines designed for everything from high-volume, large-scale manufacturing to small-batch operations. When you purchase a PVD coating machine from VaporTech, you receive quality products, optimized coatings, professional customer care, technical support, and even employee training. 

VaporTech VT-Series PVD coating machines use a unique, centrally mounted coating source with parts rotating around the perimeter of a vacuum chamber. The VT-1500i system has up to two additional magnetron sputtering sources for specialty coatings. The equipment is available in various capacities, all with a small footprint for easy integration.

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