No Ph.D. Required: VaporTech Machines Make The PVD Coating Process Easy

Although some expertise is required to develop or customize new finishes, the day-to-day operation of a VaporTech® PVD (physical vapor deposition) system is quite simple – no Ph.D. required.

First, a simple introduction to the PVD coating process

Vapor Technologies, Inc.’s PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating equipment’s unique technology deposits an extremely thin, durable atom-by-atom surface coating on your consumer and industrial parts. Our systems work by evaporating a solid metal in a vacuum and reacting this material with small amounts of common gases containing elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon. The result is a high-tech, microns-thin coating customized to provide the wear resistance, scratch resistance, lubricity, and appearance your customers demand.

Next, our simple steps to deposit a finish

The system contains “recipes,” instructions for precise deposition, that operators select and view on a touchscreen interface. To run the system, an operator takes the following steps:

  1. Load clean parts onto racks and open the chamber door.
  2. Load the racks (1 to 16 depending on the system size) into the chamber.
  3. Close the door and use the touchscreen interface to choose a pre-loaded recipe.
  4. Attend to other tasks (or take a break) as the system initiates the recipe and automatically deposits the finish.
  5. Remove coated parts from the chamber; they are ready for assembly or packaging.

VaporTech’s support team makes training quick and easy, too.


In our experience, new operators only require one or two days of training to produce high-quality surface coatings. We set your staff up for success by including complete on-site operator and maintenance training with every system you purchase.

Updating recipes

When you need new finishes, contact our applications team to help you develop or modify a coating recipe. For minor adjustments, such as adjusting the color or functional characteristics, we can give you precise, written user instructions on how to modify the recipe yourself.

Parts & Maintenance

We know you’re busy, so we simplify the process of ordering genuine VaporTech parts whenever you need them, and we ship them directly to your location. Finally, we perform yearly maintenance to keep your system running and making you money.

Please contact us at 303-652-8500, or email for additional information on the training and personnel needed to add PVD capability to your manufacturing operations.


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