Coating Service Providers: Serve Your Customers (and Your Bottom Line) with a New PVD Machine.

Coating service providers purchase our VT-Series™ PVD coating systems for one of two reasons: Either the company is already a PVD coating provider and needs a new machine, or it provides other coating services and wants to diversify and grow its business by adding PVD and DLC coating services. If either of these scenarios sounds like your business, please read on.

Why buy new PVD equipment?

We asked our customers why they chose to purchase a VaporTech® machine, and this is what they said:

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  • We need to add capabilities for different types of coatings for color, performance, and diamond-like carbon (DLC) that aren’t available in our old system.
  • The chamber size and throughput (and slow cycle times) didn’t meet our business needs today.
  • Our physical vapor deposition coating machine is outdated, slow, takes up too much floor space, and is complex, making it hard to train new employees. We were looking for a system with a smaller footprint, easy integration into our operation, and simplicity of operation.
  • Our previous machine manufacturer wasn’t responsive to our questions or service issues. They were hard to work with, and we needed reliable, quality support, training, and maintenance.
  • The quality isn’t satisfying our customers.
  • Our business has grown so we need additional machines.
  • We’ve been successful in electroplating and powder coating for a long time, but we kept getting requests for PVD, which is a great way to grow our company.

Benefits of VaporTech physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating machines

Whatever their reasons, our PVD service providers did their research and purchased from us. That’s because Vapor Technologies, Inc.’s VaporTech PVD coating machines are a good fit for today’s service market.

A wide range of popular PVD & DLC coatings

The coatings your customers need. Our VT-Series physical vapor deposition coating machines have been updated to give users the features they need. Each machine can run durable color, performance PVD coatings, and DLC all in the same chamber. You can efficiently serve various customer applications by changing the target (the coating material) and clicking on a new recipe. Our lower-temperature process means you can coat on more substrates, including some plastics.

Chooses the right system

Our systems are compact instead of older behemoth machines. Our smallest and medium machines fit in a one-car garage to save floor space and easily fit into your existing operation. We have three chamber sizes to meet different operational needs. Our smallest physical vapor deposition coating machine, the VT-1000i™ system, gives you a lower price point with a chamber large enough for small to medium operations. The VT-1500i™ system has the same compact footprint (the equipment could fit into a one-car garage) and has almost as much capacity as our largest machine for a smaller investment. If you need a large, high-capacity system, our VT-3000i™ coater will give you the volume you need for even the largest coating operation and a part size of up to 48 inches. Our Cadence® machine deposits functional coatings similar to HIPIMS but with a shorter cycle time.

Simple to integrate, use, and maintain

We are serious about the partnership between our company and yours, from helping you get set up to long-term service throughout the life of your physical vapor deposition coating machine. Our teams will walk you through the process of preparing your facility for the new machine. At the same time, our R&D team will work to optimize the coating recipes you need. We have in-person (and remote) services for installation and training. Our service representatives are here to help you whenever you need us. We also offer yearly on-site maintenance.

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