Which PVD Coating is Right for You? [webinar recording]

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings bring surface characteristics that add value to products and colors, enhancing their appearance and differentiating them from the competition.

However, there are so many types of PVD coatings that it’s not always clear which would work best for your application. At Vapor Technologies, Inc. (VaporTech®), we partner with our equipment customers to optimize coatings for their specific needs.

In this webinar, our R&D manager breaks down the different PVD and DLC coating types and their properties. He then shows you which coatings are ideal for various industries and products.

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Add value to your parts and products with PVD coatings

High-quality PVD (physical vapor deposition) and DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings add value to and differentiate your products. In-house coating streamlines production improves quality control and gives you low per-part coating costs of less than $1 per part. VaporTech PVD systems deposit these coatings to improve your great products. 

For 30 years, our PVD coating equipment has helped customers apply beautiful and durable hard coatings to enhance and differentiate the look, feel, and performance of home hardware, medical devices, industrial tooling, sporting goods, and many other products. The equipment is available in a wide range of capacities, all with a small footprint for easy integration. We are based in Longmont, Colorado, where we build our systems, and we offer global sales, service, and support.

When you purchase a VaporTech vapor coating system, you receive high-quality equipment, optimized coating recipes, training, and comprehensive support. Contact us today.

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