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Welcome to the new VaporTech blog. We’re particularly excited to launch the blog in conjunction with some big projects here at VaporTech: We rebranded earlier this year and are coming out with new customer-requested upgraded PVD and CVD coating systems.

We’ve been listening closely to manufacturers about their specific needs, which has helped us create new coating solutions for today’s manufacturing environment. We’ve also learned that there’s a shortage of expert but easy-to-read material about coating technologies, systems, and processes. This blog is designed to add to your knowledge base, whether you’re a seasoned engineer or new to the coatings field…

(Manufacturing) change is the only constant

According to an Industry Week study, The Future of Manufacturing: 2020 and Beyond,  “In addition to investing in new production and product technology, manufacturing companies of all types are managing…market volatility, price reduction pressures and increasing material costs
by improving internal production processes.” Bringing your coating process in-house is one such improvement, and we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge about why and how to do just that on the pages of this blog.

Do these PVD coating frustrations sound familiar?


  • Long lead times and delays
  • Quality control issues
  • High per-part coating costs
  • Perceived lack of options
  • Struggle to differentiate from competitors
  • Lack of R&D resources
  • Environmental impact

If so, you’re not alone. Here in the VaporTech blog, we’ll explain how to overcome challenges with tested, proven solutions. We’ve been building, designing custom finishes, installing, training operators, and servicing PVD and CVD thin-film deposition equipment for more than 25 years. Our products are serving customers worldwide. Vapor Technologies, Inc. is a division of Fortune 500 leader Masco Corporation.

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