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    Copper Alloys’ Antimicrobial Effects Mak...

    1 min read

    Scientific evidence shows that certain copper metal alloys have antimicrobial properties.1,3,4,5 Studies have also demonstrated that when certain coatings containing these alloys are applied to the surface of products, they can provide anti...

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    coating machines on manufacturing floor
    3 Compact PVD Coating Systems That Deliver Big Results [updated]
    2 min read
    Benefits of In-House PVD Coating Equipment VaporTech President Dave Humenik: Speed production, reduce defects, avoid repackaging, reduce shi...
    stylized photo of PVD coating colors
    1 System, 2x Options for PVD Coating & Specialty Finishes
    1 min read
    Manufacturing is complicated. Adding a PVD coating system shouldn’t be. “I’m afraid of investing in the wrong size system.” Do you need or f...
    what is pvd coating with question marks.
    What is PVD Coating? An Introduction to Physical Vapor Deposition
    1 min read
    People often ask us: “What is PVD coating?” Here’s a brief introduction.
    pvd coated coupons in a rainbow of colors
    PVD Colors: How to Ensure Beautiful, Consistent Colors
    2 min read
    Appearance and function define most consumer products, ranging from faucets to automobiles. However, the appearance of a product can be chal...
    hands taking notes on paper in front of laptop screen
    Learn More About PVD Coatings by Watching Our Webinar Presentations
    1 min read
    Physical vapor deposition (PVD) and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating benefits, types, processes, preparation, and equipment are complex top...
    Prep Your Products for Functional PVD Coatings
    2 min read
    Performance PVD coatings improve the surface properties of machine components and tooling used in fabrication processes. Some applications a...