How to Choose the Right PVD Coating for Your Product [webinar, video]



There are so many different types of PVD and DLC coatings. Which one is best for your product? Learn about the types and applications of PVD coatings to make an informed choice.

About VaporTech®

Vapor Technologies, Inc. (VaporTech) designs, builds, and services vapor deposition systems that deposit PVD and DLC coatings to improve your great products. For more than 20 years, our PVD coating equipment has been helping customers apply beautiful and durable hard coatings that enhance and differentiate the look, feel, and performance of home hardware, medical devices, industrial tooling, consumer electronics, sporting goods, automotive, home fixtures, and many other products. We’re committed to what we do because we know that a product’s finish instantly communicates its quality. We are based in Longmont, Colorado, and we offer global sales, service, and support.

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