PVD-Finish Faucets and Fixtures with Coatings Trusted by Global Manufacturers

How good are your faucet and architectural hardware coatings?

Consumers care about style, color, and durability. You are producing the styles they want, but do your colors and durability stack up to add value and desirability to your brand? Are your faucet, door handle, or fixture customers getting all the specific, on-trend colors they want in a finish that keeps architectural products looking new for life?

Get the durable/decorative PVD (physical vapor deposition) coatings used by many of the largest faucet and door hardware companies.

VaporTech® color PVD faucet & fixture finishes are durable, long-lasting, and will not corrode, tarnish, or discolor. That is why for more than 30 years, we have provided quality PVD systems and optimized color coatings to some of the largest global faucet, door handle, and kitchen & bath product manufacturers.

Our VT-Series coating systems are:

  • Compact and easy to integrate into your operation, simple to use and maintain
  • Affordable and cost-efficient, offering a good return on investment
  • Proven coatings in a rainbow of colors optimized for your needs

In most cases, you can coat various colors by simply selecting a new coating recipe. Our lower-temperature process also means you can coat on more substrates, including diecast and some plastic components.

Satisfy your customers with great PVD-coated door handles & fixtures.

We offer 3 durable-decorative VT-Series™ PVD coating systems for medium to high-volume architectural hardware manufacturers. All machines can also apply PVD and diamond-like carbon (DLC) in the same unit. They give you large chambers and high throughput in a small footprint. You will get the colors and quality you need to satisfy your customers. Whether you are new to in-house coating or need to upgrade or add to your current coating equipment, we have the right systems for your operation.

Enhance your operation with the right-sized PVD machine for architectural hardware:

Three size options to choose from

Our systems are compact compared to many older colossal-sized machines. Our smallest and medium machines fit into the space of a single-car garage to easily fit into your existing operation. We have three chamber sizes to meet different operational needs. VT-1000i™ system gives you a lower price point with a chamber large enough for small to medium operations. The VT-1500i™ system has the same compact footprint and has almost as much capacity as our largest machine. If you need a larger system, our VT-3000i™ coater will give you the volume you need for even the largest operation and a part size of up to 48 inches.

Service for the life of your system

We are serious about the partnership between our company and yours, from setup to long-term maintenance and service. We walk you through the process of facility preparation. Simultaneously, our experienced R&D team will optimize the coating recipes you need. We offer in-person or remote services for installation and training. Our service representatives are available to you whenever you need us and for annual on-site maintenance.



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