What is PVD Coating? An Introduction to Physical Vapor Deposition

People often ask us: “What is PVD coating?” Here’s a brief introduction.

This blog post is meant as a high-level overview, but we here at Vapor Technologies, Inc. (VaporTech®) are here to help you learn more. Contact us now!

Definition of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating, also known as thin-film coating, is a process in which a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of a part. These coatings are not simply metal layers, though. Instead, compound materials are deposited atom by atom, forming a thin, bonded, metal or metal-ceramic surface layer that greatly improves the appearance, durability, and/or function of a part or product. Here at VaporTech, your physical vapor deposition coating is developed by our scientists for your exacting needs and can be easily customized to change the color, durability, or other characteristics of the coating. 

For much more, here's our downloadable introduction to PVD coating.

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VaporTech PVD coating equipment

We sell vapor deposition machines that deliver multiple coating technologies in one compact, easy-to-use system. This creates a versatility not found in other systems. We also feature a proprietary lower-temperature cathodic arc (LTAVD®) process that can coat a broader range of materials (including plastic) than competing higher-temperature systems. 

Discover our new VT-i series. Re-engineered from the ground up to be more compact, easy to use, and efficient. Coat your products for only pennies/part. Now, we also feature a range of sizes that ensures we offer a model that is right for any business. Whether you want to start coating your products, bring your existing coating needs in-house, or upgrade an existing PVD system, we have a model to match your business goals.




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